• What is the amount of time it takes to finish a website?
    This answer varies because each project has different needs. On average though a 6-15 page site will take anywhere from 3-5 weeks. However, this can change based on the functionality of each site and is just a rough estimate. Often we have clients who need a site within days and we can accomodate.

  • Does website design include SEO?
    Yes, we include on-page SEO with every website that we develop. You will be listed with all the major search engines and their affiliates, and we will discuss keywords and other pertanent information with you before we go live.

  • I'm a brand new business and need a website, logo, signs, stationary, and an advertising campaign, but do not have much capital. Do you offer any package deals?
    Congrats on your business first off, and yes we can arrange something for you. We know a lot of new businesses like yourself do not have the capital to pay for everything up front so we offer convenient payment plans tailored to you.

  • What exactly is "Viral Marketing"?
    Viral Marketing is marketing in areas that are not traditionally seen as an advertising arena. Social media networks such ase Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube are all perfect areas for viral marketing. We can set you up with a great viral marketing campain that will get noticed.