Web Design

                                    We were asked to develop a website
                  for a guitar maker who wanted to showcase
his talent and commitment to charity. The client
wanted users to see the guitar process from start to
finish. We designed and developed the entire site
around the beauty of the guitars.

Perry's Cafe is a very large operator of beach cafe's
and bike rental shops in Santa Monica and Venice
Beach. They needed to re-do their image and it
started with this website. We used a mix of HTML,
CSS, Jquery and Javascript. We also put together
the main video which can be seen on the website.

Chime London was a very fun project. We were
asked to stay consistant with the clients' branding
needs, but were also given creative freedom to do
something unique and creative. The e-commerce
site turned out great and the client was very pleased.

This is a very interesting design that we came
up with for a new author and his first book. The
book is about a story of redemption so we tried
to portray the client's struggle between good and

We were approached by a Denver based energy
drink called, Hardcore Water. They liked our
creative style and wanted to work with us on
their branding, labeling, and website. We went to
work (fast of course because we drinking so much
Hardcore Water. Here is the label and logo design.

We developed a website for a thriving new tutoring
business. After understanding the clients' needs we
came up with a fun, simple design that didn't distract
from the message. We also designed a small flash
animation for their logo.

Graphic Design

Kleen Green is a carpet maintenance business, with
a focus on being green. They needed a logo designed
that made it apparent that they were a green
company. We designed them a logo that showed their
focus on being green. We also measured, designed,
printed, and placed the decals for all their vehicles,
and even printed them stationary and business cards.

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